The Truth of 100 Miles

The Leadville 100 mile race is less than two days away. 100 miles is by far my favorite distance to compete in. In that last final week before a focus race, I find it easy to briefly succumb to doubt, or bolster myself with bravado, neither helpful. There is this sweet spot though where the truth lays, and there is no escape, only acceptance.

The truth is, there is no faking 100 miles, which is why I love it. I line up knowing full well if I put in the hundreds of hours of running, the thoughtful proper recovery, and the attention to the rest of my well being. I have found it difficult to truly prepare myself  miles 70+ of a 100 miles, except for the repeated attempts at the distances. In these hours, all the focus and drive of the months and years leading up to this day reveal themselves. My belief that I can do this, and do it well only can come through with integrity when I’ve put in the work and planning.

I’ve seen people attempt to run 100 miles with the most minimal training, or with very limited ultra experience or guidance. While their naivete can, on rare occasion, bring truth to “ignorance is bliss,” the vast majority of the time, these deficits reveal themselves. I’ve been at all points on the spectrum. Undertrained, overtrained, sick, tired, energetic, confident, strong, dialed in and ready to roll. Eventually, there is no hiding from the truth. 

Being prepared means all sorts of different things for each individual, but the truth will gurgle up inside at some point, and when that point comes, internal confidence can’t be faked.

This time, I feel strong, healthy, and happy from my largest and strongest training block yet, quality recovery and tapering along the way, and a lot of time at altitude. This doesn’t necessarily mean all this will translate to a finish nor a pinnacle race experience, but it’s the truth going into race day, and it’s the only truth within my control.

~Get Out and Get After It. Happy Running Ya’ll~

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