Leadville, CO

This is the first blog post in what I hope to be regular updates, thoughts, musings, and occassional b.s. revolving around all things running. As someone who tends to be a bit more of the quieter runner type, I hope this blog helps me share more of my adventures, successes, failures, knowledge, tips, and philosophies that have all come into my life through running, in hopes that others can take something for themselves out of it.

Conviently enough for this first post, I have my main/focus/please God go well race of the summer coming up, the Leadville 100, in 9 days on August 17th. Most runners gain entrance into the race via the December lottery. I wasn’t so lucky, and thus had to earn my way via a top performance at the Leadville Marathon in June (To be honest, this race has meant that much more to me since earning my way in over just the pure luck of the draw). I’ve been patiently preparing, every single day, during this 8 week training block, now feeling satisfied that I’m in peak 100 mile shape right on time.

Patience in training seems like an obvious refrain, but often I find that the patience with running is a patience of all durations. There is the immediate decision to be patient during the seconds of throwing on the shoes while grumbling to myelf, “Screw this running crap” while subtelying knowing full well a couple miles away is probable refreshment and satisfaction. There is the patience of days when a full life fills up further, and finding a half an hour to go for a run means waking up well before my secheduled coffee consumption. There is the patience of months of training, where fatigue comes and goes, motivation shines and lacks, and trust in the process takes time. Ultimately, there is the patience of years.

The patience of years is often incomprehensible to me. When I think back on the last few years of running, there has never been a patience of years. But, becoming a stronger, faster, more resilient runner is precisely determined by my ability to put in the work and have patience of years. There have been several days or weeks when many runs started and ended with zero motivation. There never was a patience of years. It never existed. The only patience was those of seconds, minutes, hours, days. Just get out the door. Just give it a couple miles before turning around. Just stop whining and keep going. If I had to start over from scratch as a runner, and someone laid out all the time and work in front of me, to show me the full scope of what it would take to improve in running these last several years, it would be hard for me to nod my head in agreement to take on the challenge. But, if someone asked me to get out the door, run until its a little uncomfortable, and then go a little bit further tomorrow. I can do that. And if there is a secret, it seems to be that. Plan for years, but worry about the days, a single day at a time.

With Leadville in the near future, my patience reminds me that I did the work these past 8 weeks, and more importantly, these past several years. As the pre race nerves fluctuate leading up to my summer goal race, I remind myself of all the patience, and let it morph into a trust and belief of myself, knowing soon the patience will pay off, whether in a satisfying result, or an attempt I can be proud of.

~Get out and get after after it. Happy Running Ya’ll.~

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